Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hogan is still alive and kicking!

Hogan got to wear real clothes today! This was his 2nd outfit. Hogan's dog liked it!
Hogan is a beautiful baby with an enormous heart! We are so blessed.
Hogan is glad to be done with the bath! (not his favorite thing to do!)
Angie is amazing. Hogan is a lucky little guy am I!
I had to hold my little warrior when I got the chance today!
Dr. Dana Hogan and Angie standing beside Hogan. Dr. Hogan cares so much about us. We are blessed with so many amazing doctors and nurses.

"For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but my loving kindness will not be removed from you, and my covenant of peace will not be shaken, says the Lord, who has compassion on you." Isaiah 54:10

Dear Hogan,

I don't like to wish any time away but I look forward to spending our "guy's night out" time with you every night in the NICU. I am so thankful that your night was a good one again last night and I hope that your night tonight will be just as good!

You were so active and alert today. I can't believe how awake you were for much of the afternoon. I hope that each day gets better for you little guy. I did notice you were playing with you heart rate a little bit earlier tonight. I don't mind if you do that during the day to make sure your mom, myself and the nurses are on our toes once in a while. I just hope that you don't set off your alarm with me tonight like you did a few nights ago! I don't want any alarms going off tonight Hogan! Let's sleep good so we can party at breakfast for your big one week birthday!!

I can't wait to read you all of the messages, texts, emails, messages and posts that I have gotten today. You have gotten so many comments that I can't even respond to all of them. I hope all of your friends know that each one of them is being read though. They have no idea how much your mother and I enjoy reading them. It is amazing how much strength and support that God is giving us through these messages. I love to read how God is using your little body to change lives.

I wanted to let you know that your mother and I were really interested in hearing Dr. Morales go over your ultrasound results today. We know that full blown Trisomy 18 babies like you have lots of health problems. We also know that you have always fought through problems with a peace about you that makes my heart feel so good. Dr. Morales told us that although there were a few minor things that showed up on the ultrasound, there were no major problems that concerned him right now. We are so thankful for a good report Hogan. Let's keep surprising him with your fight and toughness! Dr. Morales has been so good to you. He cares about you Hogan.

You had another first again today Hogan. Nurse Greta told us this morning that you had progressed enough to put on baby clothes! I know that your new outfit gobbled you up but when you are all muscle, even premature clothes look big on you! We did find out tonight that you are all the way up to 3 lbs. 2 oz. You are almost back up to your birth weight.

Hogan, if you can fight through one more night here in the NICU, you will be one week old tomorrow morning! I am so proud of you Hogan. You take everyday as a battle all in itself. You never take anything for granted. You don't get caught up in the small stuff. You are focused on your "point". You are focused on Jesus and you are on a mission here. I don't think that God is done working through you Hogan. I don't think you are finished on this earth!

I also wanted to let you know about another surprise. We are getting equipment delivered to our house tomorrow for you! You are going to have oxygen, an isolette, feeding equipment and an oxygen monitor. We are so excited that you have a chance to go home next week. We also know that you might not get to go home with us and use that equipment. We know that your situation can change at any minute. We also know that there are an enormous amount of prayers being lifted up for you. We will just take it slow and see how things go over the next few days. I thought I would just let you know because it is very clear to me that you like goals. You like to take on the small fights in life to reach the bigger goal. You know that this life is a continuous battle. You know that at any given time you can fall. That is why you focus on your point so much isn't it? You are truly amazing Hogan!

I am so honored that God has given me this special little package of life called Hogan. I wouldn't have it any other way! I know I am only your father here on earth. I know that your true Father is in Heaven. If the doctors and history is right, then you don't have many more days left on this earth. If I know one thing about you Hogan is that you won't look back on your life and say that you didn't live it to it's fullest. You take on every challenge with amazing strength. You trust in God in every thing you do. You always have a look of peace and contentment in your eyes. You are a trusting little man. You don't have any excuses and don't blame anyone for your problems. You are a special gift Hogan. You are a warrior. I will never give up on you. I know you have beaten many odds already and that you are more than capable of beating many more! The power of prayer can do amazing things. You are a miracle baby.

I pray that we can all celebrate your one week birthday tomorrow morning. I also pray that God will continue to use you Hogan. Hogan, you are my hero.

I love you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with so many who are praying for your beautiful son. I lift up prayers for him tonight to keep fighting and stay strong. Susan Couey Peebles

  2. I love you Kip. I love you Angie! I love you so much little Hogan. Jesus loves you this I know for the Bible tells me so. Little ones like you to Him belong, they are weak but He is Strong!Yes, Jesus loves you, yes, Jesus loves you, yes, Jesus loves you how do I know, I know for the Bible tells me so!

  3. Your journey has truly touched my heart. How can anyone not be touched after reading your posts. You and your family are truly an inspiration. You have helped renew my faith that God is an awesome God. I will pray for little Hogan and your family. I will be praying or your little miracle to keep on fighting.

  4. I hope that Hogan is sleeping peaceful now and will wake soon for his week birthday! We are so proud of you Hogan! -Megan S.

  5. Happy one week birthday Hogan. The first thing I do in the morning is pray for you & your family; then I read your dad's letter. You dad is an amazing writer, very uplifting. Hogan, I work with your Aunt Jamie so I know you are very loved. I will continue praying for you. Have a blessed birthday.

  6. Hogan, how precious you are made and what a true warrior spirit you have. All of our worldly problems are so small in comparison to you and your fight to live. You help to put all our lives into perspective. Thank you, Hogan, for that and for letting us share in your life. We pray for you and your family daily. May God continue to keep you close to His heart. We love you..Sarah

  7. Ditto with Sarah...keep up the good fight. God has a purpose in this battle for life. God bless you all...Ron

  8. Happy 1 week birthday Hogan!! You truly ARE a warrior and have touched so many hearts and lives!

  9. Happy Birthday Hogan! You are such an amazing little warrior. Continued prayers to the entire family. Love, Maury and Misty

  10. HOGAN......Happy 1 Week Birthday!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family. I hope you have a great celebration.
    You have inspired me and my family....we pray for you, we talk about you and we ask God to place his loving and protecting hands on you. God bless the little chidren and God Bless you Hogan.
    I love you big guy,

  11. Happy Birthday Hogan!!! You did it!! Keep fighting!! Prove the doctors and history wrong. Prayers are being lifted everyday for your family and you!! Your family is so amazing. I enjoy keeping up with you through your daddy's letter. He loves you very much!!Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  12. Kip,
    We are lifting Hogan up in prayer hourly here in Dacula! I am also praying for the rest of you. :) Hogan is such a beautiful and amazing little man! I feel honored to read your blog each day! Andrea

  13. God is good all the time! Praying for Hogan and your family!

  14. I am praying for all of you and your sweet little Hogan!

  15. What an amazing story you have. God is doing so much through you, Hogan. I know what it's like to fight the good fight little man. It can be really hard and tiring, but there are so many people praying for you all over the world to keep your strength up. Here we pray to Dios for you, thats spanish for God. Doesn't it feel good to have so many people praying for you and believing that God is working through you? Remember, the "joy of the Lord is your strength", and it can get you through the hardest of times. That joy is the same thing that helped Jesus accomplish the hardest thing He ever had to do. "...for the joy set before Him, he endured the cross" (Hebrews 12:2). So when you get tired and weary just think about our savior Jesus, and his mighty power, and think about the joy that's set before you. You are an amazing warrior. Keep fighting the good fight.

  16. Happy Birthday Hogan! Keep fighting little one! Praying for you today!

  17. Kip and Angie,
    God has given the privilege of seeing, smelling, touching, and praying over this precious baby. I can't imagine the pain you must feel as a parent about Hogan's future days/moments ahead, but i can imagine the joy of being with him right now. I can imagine Jesus holding Hogan in His arms and loving him. I can imagine Heaven and all its loveliness and happiness.
    We love you guys and pray for you daily. Happy Birthday, Hogan!

  18. Happy Birthday Hogan. You are special and so is your family. God will protect you all and take you though difficult times. God is good! Our prayers are with you.

    John & Rosemary Digby
    Cheraw, SC

  19. Kip and Angie,
    Just wanted to drop by today and send all the blessings and prayers we can from your fellow parents in the Trisomy 18 community. Hogan is blessed to have you as his parents.