Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hogan is on a mission! Thank God!

Hogan and his new blanket!
Hogan was so tired tonight.
Hogan was very alert today during lunch!

Consider it all joy, my brothers ans sisters, when you encounter various trials of every sort, knowing the testing of your faith produces endurance, steadfastness, and growth. James 1:2,3 NLT

Dear Hogan,

I am so thankful that we get to hang out in the NICU again another night. Can you believe that this is our 12th night here?! I am so thankful that we can hang out together another night. I appreciate your fighting to live another day. I am so happy that you are here! I know you like to attack every day like it is your last and that you glance at the long term but focus on the short term. Keep fighting buddy. I might have a surprise for you soon!

I am so glad that you had such a peaceful day. You were pretty sharp in your mothers arms at lunch. I haven't seen you so alert in a while! I can easily see that your stats are always best when you are in our arms... especially in your mom's! I pray that we get to hold you again in the morning. Isn't it amazing that when you have a good day after a bad day that it feels even better than normal? You are experiencing the same thing that your mom and I and many others experience.

Sometimes it takes going through tough times in life to appreciate the good times. It never means that God is with you in the good times and leaves you in the bad times. Hogan, God is always with you. He is with you in every moment of every day. Please never forget that God has you in the palm of his hand at all times. I know you see your mother and I outside of your isolette when you don't feel good and it's hard to breathe. I am sure that you have trouble breathing sometimes and you can't see us. Always know that we love you even if you can't see us sometimes. Thank you for being you Hogan. Thank God that he loves us unconditionally. It doesn't matter that your not "normal". I actually think that the ladies think you are cute. I have heard them talking when I am out and about around the hospital. :-) I also wanted to let you know I have put pictures of you on the internet. The pictures are on your blog and on my facebook page. I know, you have no idea what I am trying to tell you but just know that so many people that think you are a good looking little man! I love you Hogan Dominy!

Did you hear Dr. Morales talking to us this morning? Dr. Morales didn't have much to say today. He told us that you were stable. He told us that we wouldn't change anything at the moment. I can tell you like Dr. Morales. He tells us what he sees and what we can probably expect to see in the future but he does so with and enormous amount of compassion. He is such a blessing. We do have to keep changing your oxygen flow periodically but that isn't a major thing. I am so thankful that the nurses are so quick in getting to you to bring you back if you start forgetting to breathe or if you need a little help in the oxygen department! I still haven't quite figured out if you are playing with your "stats" and you just like to see them come back here and care for you or if you are really in trouble. You are pretty crafty little guy! I know how you like to play games with those that love you. I love how you enjoy life and laugh knowing every minute could be your last! I am thankful that God has used you to remind me of that Hogan. I can see you fighting through the tough times and enjoying the good times.

I wanted to let you know that since I told everyone that followed your blog to "friend" me on facebook that I have gotten to be friends with hundreds and hundreds of people because of you. I have been on this earth for almost 39 years and have been on facebook for a few years and in 3 days you have many, many, many more friends than me. I think that is awesome. I am so happy that God is using your little life. I know that we are your parents but I feel like all of these people are family now. They love you so much. I get messages all day long from all over the nation and all over the globe from people that I don't even know that are praying for you. It is amazing that God has brought us all together for good and to glorify God. Hogan, you have a purpose here. Everyone is put on this earth with a purpose and can make a difference. You are only 3 lbs., you have very small lungs, you have an enlarged heart, you only have one ear and God is using you. There are people that have perfect bodies and perfect hearts that don't live to glorify God like you. You have convicted me to be my best and to honor God along the way. I am so proud of you. I am so thankful that you are who you are Hogan. I love every thing about you. I love the fact that you can bring people together for good in the name of Jesus. This world has a lot of bad in it but you are a very bright light in a world of darkness. God has used your life to give me hope.

I am not a political activist by any means but way back in November when we found out you had this condition called Trisomy 18. We read and heard that you were incompatible with life. You mom and I chose to carry you to birth praying that we would get the chance to hold you and kiss your face before you went to be with Jesus. I think you are full of life Hogan. I am so glad that God has used you to change our family over the past few months. We are better because of you. I am so glad that we are so blessed to spend these days with you. I know many people don't get this chance. God is all over your life. I am so glad that you are here and I am so glad that your prayer warriors have joined together to pray for you and to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. I am proud of you Hogan. I am proud of Noah, Lily and your mother. God has truly blessed me.

Keep fighting to live little guy. Thank you being a warrior. I pray that we have our "guys night out" again tomorrow night!

I love you.


  1. Still praying for you, Hogan....I agree with your dad!!! So many people love you, and we don't even know you!!! Keep fighting, buddy!!

    ~ Jean Marie

  2. So happy that you had a better day! You are such a fighter!

  3. We check on how you are doing first thing every morning, Hogan. You are indeed a little miracle and certainly handsome beyond measure. Praying for you to have a good day and enjoy your Mom and Dad snuggling moments! Sarah and Ron in Toccoa

  4. Good Morning Hogan...
    Madi sends a kiss this morning..she is a little cranky today so she didnt get a chance to read about you before school, but I am gonna tell her how well you are doing today at lunch..Yesterday her brother Gavin got a new webkinz (an eagle) and named it Hogan..He says because eagles are strong and brave like you..keep soaring Hogan!
    Prayers and blessings to all of you. From the McCabe's

  5. Praying for Hogan! What a testimony to Gods unfailing love!

  6. Praying for Hogan! Kip I'm a respiratory therapist in Savannah now and I know the fight you face and I pray the Hogan can keep fighting and give you and your family great joy!

  7. What a wonderful letter. It is truly a testament to your faith and unconditional fatherly love for your son. I look forward to reading your blog and learning about Hogan's battles. I will continue to keep Hogan and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Annette Barfoot (I work at DMS with Deb)