Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Hogan!

Hogan Sayer Dominy
Beth Sayer Skelton, Hogan Sayer Dominy, Kay Hogan Dominy

All praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of every mercy and the God who comforts us. 2 Corinthians 1:3

Dear Hogan,

The journey has finally taken a new turn. You came into this world at 7:55AM weighing 3 pounds 3 ounces and you were 16 1/2 inches long! I am so glad you are here. I know your mom is missing feeling you kick tonight but she is sleeping soundly downstairs ready to get her hands on you in the morning! I know you know all about how great your mother is but you would have been so proud of her today after you went upstairs. She was in a wheel chair and up to see you in record time. She was in the NICU in less than an hour after surgery. Your mom is one tough cookie. I see where you get your toughness from now. I thought I was tough but your mom is incredible. She couldn't wait to be able to spend time with you.

You had so many people praying all morning. I know you can't believe it but there were even more people and people were praying harder for you at 7:30 this morning that your mom and I felt a peace during your birth that passes all understanding. I was crying during your birth but it wasn't of sadness, it was joy. I was so happy that you made it here. Your mom and I have asked for the prayer of a live birth for months. The Lord heard our prayers and the prayers of many others that love you.

You had a little trouble getting going this morning but your friends at St. Mary's worked hard to help you. I have to tell you something.... You were like a rock star coming out of your mom's surgery! You were welcomed by many friends and family on your way upstairs. Hogan, you handled yourself very well.Teresa Vickery has got all the pictures to prove it!

Once we got upstairs you got all kinds of accessories put onto you to help make your transition into this world a little less stressful! You even got to spend a quick moment with your big brother Noah and your big sister Lily. I know you have heard them for months but it was great that you guys all got to hang out together eye to eye! Do you remember Noah kissing you on the head? Do you remember Lily touching your head? They both love you so much. Noah even told you he loved you! Noah even told mom that her belly was broken!

You were so lucky to have Ms. Lisa working with you today. She helped you stay comfortable and explained everything so clearly to me. Ms. Kemberly and Ms. Tanya were amazing as always. You have gotten to know those two ladies well over the past few weeks. They love you Hogan. So many people love you Hogan. You should see the people that are following what God is doing. You are a hero to a lot of people. I was also glad that you got to see your grandparents this afternoon. Debbie, Nathan, Leah and Jamie were glad to see you too. You remember how you got your name right?!? You were named in honor of your grandmothers. They are so proud of you!

Your mom and I were anxious to hear what the doctors had to say this afternoon. We were told that Dr. V and Dr. Morales would tell us in detail how your heart was doing along with other things. Your heart is just like we were told it would be in our meeting a couple of months ago at Dr. Rosemonds office. The problem is that you are a lot smaller than we thought you would be when you entered this world. That is causing some problems because you have been such a strong warrior over the past 9 months that you are starting to get a little tired. I can understand because you have show more heart than I have in my entire life. You are amazing. They tell us that your weeks might now be a few days. They have told us that your fight might be over sooner than later. You are a tough guy. I know you can beat the odds again. I know you can make it!

I am so thankful that I got to spend today with you. I am so happy that you got to meet friends and family while you were taken to your suite in the NICU! You have so many friends and family that weren't here that were praying their hearts out for you. They are continuing to pray Hogan! So many people love you, I know you can't comprehend it right now because I can't either. Your mom and I are overwhelmed with the love, prayers and encourgement.

It has been fun typing this letter while sitting by your side. I think I will just stay here tonight by your side in the NICU and make sure you I am here if things start to get worse. Ms. Joy assured me that your mom is resting and well taken care of downstairs.

They are giving you a good bit of oxygen to help you buddy. Hang in there. I don't think your mission is accomplished yet. Hogan, you have accomplished so much already. I am so glad you are here Hogan Sayer Dominy.

I love you.


  1. He is so beautiful, and yes he is tiny, but he's alive and that is an awesome sight! God is with You!

  2. I praise God for giving you and Angie a peace during the birth, what an answer to prayer!! I praise God for a live birth and for all the time he has given you to spend with your sweet son!! SO many answered prayers!! My mom called yesterday to hear the update and was also praising God that Hogan was fighting!! God is so good!! Our prayers won't stop!! Just continue to soak up every precious moment!! Love you all!!

  3. Praying for you guys! Our son Michael Ryan had Trisomy 18. Before he was born, God chose to heal him by taking him to HEAVEN.
    Listen to Steven Curtis Chapman's song
    "With Hope"
    It really helped us during our difficult time.

  4. I can't thank you enough for posting your beautiful letter to your son and sharing it with all of us. You have reminded me what is so important in this for our family, no matter what, and the unconditional love that God has for all of us. You have an amazing family. I will continue to pray for you, Hogan and Hogan's brave mommy. May God give you peace and a little help understanding what his plan may be for you and for that sweet baby boy. He is so beautiful...but you don't need me to tell you that. I will say a prayer for your children, that they may find their road ahead a little less confusing, as what is going on right now may be too much for their little minds to comprehend. And I will say a prayer for you. Daddy's are always considered the "strong", the "protectors" and the "providers" of the family. Yet, I know it is so hard for you to watch what your son is going through right now as you feel helpless in knowing there really isn't any way you protect him from this disability. But rest ARE helping him. You have already done something for him that many fathers find impossible to do for a child they know may not be with them for the long run...You have loved your son unconditionally. God has truly blessed you. Never doubt that. May you and your family find peace this Easter season...and may Hogan find the strength to endure. God, please send your healing hands down to Hogan now, and please send your angels so that they may hold Hogan and his family tight, now in their hour of need. In Jesus' name. Amen.

    Angel Crosby