Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hogan enjoyed his Easter Sunday

Angie getting to hold Hogan "skin to skin" They were both very happy!
Hogan liked the new hat that nurse Lisa picked out today!

Candace Brown, Angie and Hogan

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3

Dear Hogan,

Thank you for one of the best Easter's ever. I think that God has a great plan for you. You don't have to wake me up tomorrow like you did today. If you want me to set my alarm please tell me! You don't have to make your alarms go off and play with your oxygen levels and heart rate. Please don't do that again tonight buddy. You can just sleep until morning and I will set an alarm clock for us. Thank goodness that nurse Amanda was there quickly and a helper to get your numbers back up. I have always been a scoreboard watcher in sports and now you have turned me into a monitor watcher! I heard that Butler was going to play Duke tomorrow night for the National Championship in basketball. Can you believe a tiny school like Butler would be able to play for a National Championship? Of course you can! You remind me a little of that team Hogan. You are a bulldog at times. You are a fighter. Thanks for winning the fight early this morning and thanks for winning many battles today. You are always going to be a champ in my book.

Dr. Morales told us that you had been here long enough to double your food intake today! You have gone from under a teaspoon every three hours to just over a teaspoon every three hours. I hope you can start putting on some muscle weight little man. He also has changed your living quarters. You have graduated to a isolette. You no longer are going to use the open heated bed. Dr. Morales is recommending that you stay in your isolette to help decrease your dehydration and it give you a quiet environment. The only downside is that you aren't as easy to touch but guess what!!?!? You are still here and you enjoyed 3 days here at St. Mary's and I hope that you enjoy your third night tonight!

I noticed you were excited that nurse Lisa brought you an Easter bunny this morning. He seemed to enjoy laying in your bed with you today. Your dalmatian seems to be your favorite though. He loves sleeping around your head or around your back. It seems like you guys are quite the team! Hogan you have taught me so much already and you continue to teach me.

Tonight was extra special because it was the third time we got to hold you. Yesterday was such a stressful day with your first bath, your feeding tube coming out and your IV coming out... I am glad that today was a little less stressful for you. I think your mom loved having you lay skin to skin on her chest tonight. I could see the love in her eyes the moment you both touched. She is feeling lots better than she was last night. She loves you so much Hogan. I know you love her too. Your stats stayed perfect for almost 4o minutes on her chest. You might be a young warrior but you love your mother!

I can't wait to read your messages to you again tonight. Your friends and prayer warriors are still sending up prayers to Heaven for you. They love you Hogan. You are loved by so many people. I am overwhelmed each day by the support that you are getting. It was perfect timing too because I know you are probably a little exhausted.

I enjoyed getting some pictures of you meeting your ultrasound technician Candace Brown from Dr. Rosemond's office this afternoon. You guys created a unique bond over the past few months and I know you consider her part of the family. She made a sacrifice to come see you today Hogan. She loves you. She was so worried about you after our last ultrasound. We thank God for all of the special people that have touched your life. It seems as though all of the people that are assigned to you are Angels. We are so blessed.

I am going to sleep in your room tonight again. Remember we have "guys night out thing" going in the NICU. I don't want you to pull any more scary tactics again like last night though! I love you buddy. You are so much fun. I can't wait to hold you again in the morning and to celebrate your "3 Day" birthday at 7:55AM.

I love you.


  1. Praise God for a fighter! Our prayers are still with you all. Several folks @ church asked about Hogan yesterday. God bless...Ron & Sarah H

  2. Kip, you and Angie are real testimonies of Christians. The girls, Marian and I are all praying for you guys. Hogan is a good man for sure, but that is expected coming from the stock he has come from. Your note is a special one and we are thankful for all of our blessings big and small. GOD BLESS HOGAN, Angie and you Kipper.

  3. Hey Kip! I am so glad I was able to spend a little time with Hogan last night. He really is a young warrior but he also has this sweet, gentle spirit about him. Kip, when I walked in Hogan's NICU suite, the atmosphere was so peaceful; you could really feel God's presense. Hogan's life has touched my heart in a big way that I can't explain. And this blog, it has been such an inspiration to me. The verses you choose have helped me soo much lately and I am writing them down in a journal to help me in the future. I love you and your family and I am soo BLESSED to have yal in my life. Enjoy your day with Hogan and I will see yal soon.

  4. keep the updates and pictures coming-I think of and pray for Hogan throughout the day as I watch my little boy play-

  5. Kip,
    Kelley,the girls and I are praying for you and your family!Praying for HIS peace, grace amd mercy to see you all through each moment of this jounrey!!
    Lifting you all before the KINGS of KINGS!!

  6. Kip, Angie, Noah, Lily and Hogan,
    I am so glad that your journey so far has been so sweet. I fall in love with Hogan every time I see updated pictures. He is AMAZING and HANDSOME. God chose yall to be his parents and I know that yall are so proud.
    I am praying, I am believing and I am expecting more miracles to come. Keep fighting Hogan.....I want to meet you soon.
    Linda Shannon

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated Kip. We're thrilled that Hogan has had such an abundant life! What a blessing from God. Angie looks like an angel holding him! She has the sweetest spirit and biggest heart. We're still praying for y'all and will continue to. It's amazing how God uses little babies to teach grown adults so much about Himself and how we should live. Thanks Hogan! -Russ, Shelley, and Carleigh