Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Saturday, April 10, 2010

G-Day in Athens, GA

Dr. Morales checking Hogan this morning.

A good feeling.

Hogan loves being held by his mom.
The fist of a young warrior. You can almost see his determination and fight in that fist!

Many people are going to the annual spring game (G-Day) here in Athens today to watch the bulldogs play a practice game. We are at the other end of Baxter street watching a different battle. It looks like a beautiful day outside of Hogan's window here at the St. Mary's NICU in Athens, Georgia!

Hogan continues to be stable. Dr. Morales is making sure that we are comfortable with the equipment that will be used at home. He is stable today. Hogan is not better and it is not worse today. He is still alive and still fighting! Thank you God!

I hope you and your families enjoy your weekend. Thank you for loving Hogan. Thank you for your prayers for Hogan. We are so thankful. I wish you could all meet him. Hopefully that will happen one day! Hogan loves you.


  1. Gooooo Hogan, sic 'em - woof woof woof woof woof!

    We are praying for you daily, and keep checking the blog to see how you are doing. Our older son turned 14 this week while you were turning 1 week old. We are praying that your mommy and daddy will be able to keep celebrating milestones with you. Be strong!

    Carey and Michelle (Warren) Wallace - Charlotte, NC

  2. We have been reading and watching everyday to check on little Hogan's progress. We are so amazed at the strength all of you are showing. You are an incredible family and we love you all the more for having followed this journey with you. We continue to lift you all up in our daily prayers so keep strong----I know you will!!! God bless all of you. Sue and Pete Labella

  3. I continue to be amamzed by the strength of this little boy, God can do so much, with something so small. Laura and Lisa both loved our Zach for his 6 months and Dr Morales, words can not say enough, our Zach loved causing problems and pulling tricks to. We are praying for as many days as gods is willing. we remember our Zach this week it will be 2 years since he got his wings and we pray at the same time that he is watching Hogan too in the NICU and being his angel as well.

  4. I am so gald Hogan is hanging in there. He is such a beautiful little boy and you can see how hard he is fighting. I read his story every day and every day I pray that I will be able to read his next chapter the next morning. Have a wonderful night Hogan.

  5. Go Hogan! Could you hear that cheering at the game? It was all for you today! I have three boys myself and you are a little Georgia Peanut! Keep fighting little man! Dacula is praying for you!

  6. We pray that Hogan has a peaceful, stress-free night. Kip, these pictures are priceless. I'd say you have become quite the photographer. I hope ya'll have a calm night with good reports in the morning.

  7. I am praying for sweet little beautiful boy Hogan...what a precious little man he is....and I'm praying for your family as well!!

    God doth tend and nourish His children....with the utmost care.

    In Christ,
    ~ Jean Marie

  8. These are some of the most beautiful pictures of mom and child I have ever seen. God truly loves the family! God bless you Angie and Hogan, Kip, Noah and Lily!