Kip, Angie, Noah and Lily

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's about the One....

Hogan Sayer Dominy

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can't and life can't. The angels can't and the demons can't. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can't keep God's love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38,39 NLT

I wanted to update everyone that fell in love with our son Hogan over the past year and let them know what is going on with us! We are moving on with life after Hogan. Of course, there isn't a day that goes by that Hogan doesn't cross my mind many, many, many times. I am sure this will be the case until we meet again.

Noah turned 4 on August 12th and Lily turned 2 on August 16th. They both started pre school again this week and the usual tears and fears that go along with your child have been gripping us this week. It is so good to see their smiling faces every day when I get home from work. I worry about Noah and how he views Hogan's death. He talks about Hogan periodically. He is extra worried about us leaving him. I want to think that it is because he loves us and is just being a normal 4 year old but I can't help to wonder what is going through his mind. We stress to him that we are coming back to get him but I wonder if he thinks that Hogan is somewhere left alone. We have told him that Hogan is with Jesus but I wonder if in his little mind if he thinks Jesus is sitting with a class of babies in a pre school somewhere looking after him until we can come pick him up. Noah released a few balloons after his party on Saturday. As he was watching the balloons fly into the sky he turned to me and asked "Dad, are we sending these balloons to Hogan?" Noah loved Hogan so much. I guess that is why even more of my hair is turning a lighter shade.

I ask for your continued prayers for us as we move through the fall and the memories of the diagnosis and the memories. Again, I know we are blessed and many, many people are in much worse shape but it doesn't take away the pain.

I can't thank you enough for loving us and for being so good to us with your thoughts, prayers, cards and the contributions to Hogan's Memorial area in the Prince Avenue Christian School. We can't thank you enough. You will never know how much this support carried us through Hogan's journey. Thank you.

It is because of this support, Hogan's journey that I have been inspired to start a website that I have mentioned in other blogs. This website is going to be a place that I hope a family can be touched like we were touched during Hogan's journey. It will be an area of hope, love and support for the one's. I will always remember the one. It's this one out of "x" that will never be forgotten. It's the one that will never be alone. It's the one person that I hope will never go through a battle feeling alone. It's the family that will be able to communicate with people all over the world that might be going through a similar battle. It will be a success if God uses this website to change or touch one life.

I have been so worried about the website not being good. I have been wanting to make it the best website it could possibly be and that God would use it to touch hundreds and thousands of people. I know it might. I know it could. I know that it isn't wrong to wish, hope or pray for these things but a strong peace has overtaken me in the past few days. It's the feeling that it's about the one that gave me peace. If that one person can be helped then this website will be a success in my eyes. We will never forget the one. We will never forget our one (Hogan). We will never forget the one's that are fighting for their life. We will never forget about the one that is abused, abandoned or neglected. We will never forget the one's that can't stand up for themselves. It's the one's that make the statistics. It's the one's that are special to me. It's the one that will be remembered on this website.

My vision is to enable families to build a website for their loved one. It will be as private as the family wants their website to be but it will also be able to be accessed by anyone if the family wishes. There will be a calendar on each website that will enable the family to update family and friends of important dates. This could be the next cancer treatment, the next surgery, the upcoming doctors appointment, the date the loved one is scheduled to come home or even a fundraiser for someone. The website will be driven by the people that use it. Someone will be able to blog, post pictures, communicate with loved ones and connect with others that are going through the same life event. I ask for your prayers for the website. The internet was a blessing to us during Hogan's journey. We used facebook and the blog to share Hogan's story. We were told by many people that Hogan's life gave them inspiration. Those same people were inspiring to me. Isn't it neat how God works!? Isn't it neat that the phrase "Remembering the One" can make your mind go to so many different places? I have shared this vision with a few people and each one of them thought that it would help a different group of people. I pray that it will be used for God's glory just like Hogan's life was used. I pray that this website and the people that might be here to operate it long after I am gone will stay focused on the "point" that Hogan was focused.

In His Love,


  1. Kip and Angie, Not a day goes by that we don't think of you aGod has already used your journey to impact lives adn He will use the website as well. May His glory continue to be revealed as you continue your journey. We do not get OVER things like this, but with God's grace, we get THROUGH them.

  2. Hi's good to hear your thoughts. The thought of touching one person is very personal to me. For years I worked with the group that put on ToccoaFest (Christian Music Festival) & often "numbers" were mentioned. Naturally it took many workers & many attendees were necessary to make it pay for itself, but we always said that if only one person was touched in some way for Jesus, then it was all worth the effort. We were never dissappointed & saw God working in volunteer & attendee lives every year. Sometimes it was just necessary for us to get out of His way. The website sounds like it will be an awesome ministry & we will be praying that God's peace & provision will be experienced by families going thru tough times. May God bless You & your family as you start this new endeavor. Ron & Sarah