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Friday, August 6, 2010

Developing a Warrior Mentality...

Hogan and his warrior gear during his fight.
Noah had his first Taekwondo lesson last week!

I know this is going to be quite a shock to many of you that have read this blog. I wasn't voted best dressed, most athletic, cutest, etc. etc. (I am kidding!) at Dublin High School but I was voted the "best personality". I know that actually is a big shocker! I believe that God has quite a sense of humor too. Angie and I went to Dublin to celebrate a birthday of a friend a couple of weeks ago. We drove down on Saturday afternoon and attended the surprise party that night. As usual, my mother was more than happy to volunteer to keep Noah and Lily for us. The next morning we decided to visit Dudley Baptist Church with my sister Debbie. We walked into the Church and saw many faces that we recognized and many friends of Hogan during his journey. Like many of you that read this blog, these friends have been so good to us. We made our way to an open area and sat down to read the bulletin. The topic for the message was "Developing a Warrior Mentality". WOW.

Hogan's name means"young warrior". Hogan's entire life on this earth was about being a warrior. As you remember he was covered with accessories that made his little 3 lb. body look like a warrior that was in a battle unknown to many. It was a battle to live. It was a battle to fight. He reminded me of how not to take this life for granted. I often hesitate to mention the future much anymore. My job requires me to plan out retirement for my clients. My life revolves around planning. Isn't it a little ironic that God has put me in situations that require me to have total faith in Him? I don't mean that I believe we shouldn't plan or look forward to the future but I believe that we should do this with an awareness to not look past the present or take it for granted. I am in that battle everyday.

I have been mentioning a website that I am trying to get built. I hope that if you are reading this blog that you will pray for this vision. I believe that I am being led to do this. It was an amazing blessing to have you along with us during the journey. I believe that the journey isn't over but Hogan's journey has just taken a turn. He has inspired me to build a website that will be a resource and a tool that will be used by God to connect people. If you know of a person that has overcome a tragedy or that is going through something that has inspired you, please send me their story. If it's your story... send it to me. I am going to have a few featured stories on the website and then update the stories periodically that are on the home page. If you could please send me an email to or sending me a message through facebook (Kip Dominy), that would be very helpful.

I feel that I am not a very emotional guy but I know that I have witnessed a battle for life. I have also witnessed a battle that ended in death. No, it doesn't seem fair but who determines what is fair in this world? Isn't it always in the view of each person? The one thing that is certain is that we will all die at some point. Some of us will die soon and some of us will die later. I am not trying to be depressing but just trying to be real. What will be said at your funeral? What will you want to be said? How do you want to be remembered? What do you think your children will say about your life if you passed away today? I think it is important to step back and think about these things. I was blessed to be able to sit beside a little boy that only lived 16 days and this little man made a bigger impact on this world than I could ever have imagined.

I was sitting in a restaurant in Dublin, Georgia having coffee before meetings yesterday and I saw an older gentleman leaving. He walked by my table and stopped to ask me if I was ready for my meetings (noticing my computer, etc. on the table). I told him that I was and then he wished me well. I thanked him and told him my name etc. and asked if he could tell me a story of anyone that he had ever known that inspired him or that's story stuck with him. He told me about a friend of his in Texas. He told me that his friend was a proud grandfather and that he and his little grandson were very close. He was blessed to see him very often. I haven't felt this love but I can see it through the eyes of our mothers as they love our children. I was told that this grandson had gotten very sick very quick and that death was emanate. He told me about how this grandfather was sitting beside his grandson during his last minutes of this earth. As his grandson laid there on the bed on this afternoon... he looked over at his grandfather and said "papa, it's getting dark, I will see you in the morning, ok?." These words would be the last he would hear from his little buddy. The grandfather's words after his grandson had passed away, "I can't wait until the morning". I can't wait to that morning either.

So think clearly and excercise self-control. Look forward to the special blessings that will come to you at the return of Jesus Christ. Obey God because you are his children. Don't slip back into your old ways of doing evil; you didn't know any better then. But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God-who chose you to be his children-is holy. For he himself has said, "You must be holy because I am holy." I Peter 1:13-16 NLT

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  1. My husband and I attend Dudley Baptist. In fact, we are in the same SS class with Deb. We were sitting a few pews behind you Sunday morning. I couldn't help but think of your family during the pastor's sermon. It was so fitting. It's amazing how God orchestrates things!